Financial Reports

The Executive Committee of UNHCR studies and approves the agency's global budget, making very careful decisions in allocating financial resources (funds) to different operations across the world according to priority of needs.


Thankful to the citizens in Hong Kong, the UNHCR office here has been receiving unfailing support from the public for its refugee work worldwide. In 2007, UNHCR started private sector partnerships’ operation in Hong Kong. Fund raised in Hong Kong is transferred to the headquarters which is responsible for allocating financial resource to different UNHCR operations worldwide. The allocation of funds is determined according to priority of needs. UNHCR plans its programmes and global budget based on a comprehensive needs assessment of the people of concern to the UN refugee agency.



UNHCR 2020 Global Report at a Glance

2020 Income and expenditure

UNHCR Income & Expenditure Summary by year: