Gifts for Education
Change a Refugee’s Life with Education

Solar Lantern for Four Families

Being able to have light at night brings a sense of security, and control over your environment. For refugee families, this can help them adjust to their unfamiliar new surroundings in a camp. For their child, it means that they can turn on the light at night and keep learning. They can do their homework in safety under the solar light.

Catch-up Tutorial (Two Classes)

Provide catch-up classes for children in Syria whose education stopped when they were bombed out of their classrooms.

Education stops when children are forced to flee. This gift helps pay for catch-up tutoring to assist refugee children who were forced to fall behind in their studies.

HK$2,600 will provide two classes with critical remedial lessons to get them back on track.

Blackboard for Six Classrooms

Equip six classrooms in refugee camps in Rwanda. HK$3,900 can provide six teachers and their students with a blackboard for their lessons in a camp’s makeshift classroom.

Children being forced to flee their homes inevitably have no access to school or education. This gift can help change this today.

How does “Shop for Refugees” work?

Gifts in “Shop for Refugees” are symbolic items that represent UNHCR’s lifesaving assistance and services all around the world. When you choose to send vital and empowering gifts from an array of options, ranging from food, clean water, shelter, medical to school supplies, the income generated from “Shop for Refugees” will be used to support UNHCR’s works to protect people forced to flee, find solutions to resolve refugee issues and ensure that everyone has the right to seek asylum.