Refugees are often forced to live in unhygenic environments full of bacteria, while also lacking food and drinkable water. Therefore, refugees‘ immunity capacity is relatively low which can not resist any invasion from any malignant bacteria, they are facing the life threat from diseases. For refugees, suffering from any disease is a nightmare. It is because the medical resource is expensive, refugees can not afford the expenditure for the medical service. In addition, no matter which medical services are, those involve professional knowledge. The fact is that not many places can provide medical professional service.

Under the situation of lacking medical resources, every disease is fatal which causes a serious threat to the refugee’s life.

Rana is a refugee child from Sudan. Despite only being three years old, she suffers from the thalassemia and sickle-cell anemia and needs to receive medical treatment at Luzmila hospital, where she will undergo blood transfusions, intravenous injections, and treatment of complications. However, the medical expenditure of those medical treatments is expensive, and Rana’s family cannot afford it. 

Your assistance can rescue refugees from disease and suffering 

A Pop-up Health Care Centre

With just reinforced plastic, waterproof tarpaulin and bamboo, an emergency pop-up health centre can be built in a refugee camp. A health centre can then treat injured and sick refugees in need of urgent medical support.

For refugees that have fled their homes, lack of basic medical attention is another one of the critical risks they face as they fight for their lives.

20 Anti-Malaria Mosquito Nets for Refugees Families

20 mosquito nets cost HK$3,500 and can shelter up to seven refugees, keeping them safe from the threat of malaria while they sleep.

Malaria is deadly and rife. For refugee families, a mosquito net can mean the difference between life and death.

23 Health Kit for Saving Infants’ Life

For parents fleeing their home with an infant, the scarcity of food, clean water and infant care items put the infant’s health at great risk. Sending blankets to keep warm, clothes, clean water and nutrient foods can help save infants’ lives.

Stories from refugees



“I cannot afford the medicine that treats my lung disease. Every day I suffer from difficulty breathing as a result.”

—  Hasna, refugee from Yemen




“I cannot walk and stand, only through medical rehabilitation have I begun managing to walk and stand a little.” 

 — Amran, refugee from Yemen

Your assistance can help disease become less fatal for refugees

You can establish an emergency health care center for refugee families, providing emergency medical treatment to injured refugees.  

You can provide 20 mosquito nets to refugee families to reduce the chances of malaria. 

You can provide 23 Health Kits that include blankets, clothes, clean water and nutrient foods to save infants’ lives.

How does “Shop for Refugees” work?

Gifts in “Shop for Refugees” are symbolic items that represent UNHCR’s lifesaving assistance and services all around the world. When you choose to send vital and empowering gifts from an array of options, ranging from food, clean water, shelter, medical to school supplies, the income generated from “Shop for Refugees” will be used to support UNHCR’s works to protect people forced to flee, find solutions to resolve refugee issues and ensure that everyone has the right to seek asylum.