Water is necessary in our daily life. As the world’s population rises, the amount of water being consumed has increased significantly. However, since water is limited, many countries are facing serious water shortages, threatening refugees’ lives. Dehydration, contamination and disease from water shortages are just some of the dangers threatening the livelihood of refugees.  

“We need clean, safe water and we need it now!”

Kahaleda Begu is a 25-year-old mother of two and a Rohingya refugee. In Bangladesh, there is currently a long-term water shortage situation where clean and usable water has become a scarcity. Therefore, Kahaleda and her children are forced to drink raw water, containing many bacteria inside. Unfortunately, her children are then infected by malignant bacterial, causing diarrhoea and dehydration. 

Your support can save a refugee’s life

Latrine for a Family of Five

Water hygiene is vital for refugees fleeing their homes. Critical, basic plumbing and sanitation is a scarcity, putting refugees’ health at constant risk.

HK$1,320 can build a toilet for a family living in a refugee camp, ensuring their safety from water hygiene threats, as well as their dignity at their most vulnerable times. The temporary latrine provides safe drainage and privacy for a family of refugees.

A Month of Clean Water for 12 Families

Water is everything.

For a family living in a refugee camp, there is no kitchen tap for safe water. Waterborne diseases, like dysentery or typhoid, are very serious threats. One purification sachet can treat 10 litres of water, eliminating these serious threats to the health of refugee families. A month of clean water for HK$2,000 can supply up to 12 families with enough water purification sachets to have clean water.

A Community Water Supply System

For families living in a refugee camp, there is no kitchen tap for safe water. Waterborne diseases like dysentery or typhoid, are very serious threats. You can buy a water supply system that saves refugees’ lives today.

HK$2,500 can build a 6-tap water supply system in a camp and give multiple families vital access to the clean water they need to survive.

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Micheline and her family are refugees from the Central African Republic, they have been forced to escape to the Republic of the Congo because of war. Meanwhile, they don’t have enough resources to maintain their basic survival requirements, without food and drinking water, they face a serious situation.  

Walid is a child refugee from Taizz, he is suffering from long-term malnutrition and dehydration, and can’t maintain his basic survival requirements. Meanwhile, he is also suffering from child developmental disorders.    

Saleh, 9, and his family fled from Taizz and are currently living at a hosting site. This hosting site is amongst hundreds of others that are direly lacking in toilet and shower facilities. For Saleh’s site, their closest source of water is 15km away.  

Water is a necessity for maintaining everyone’s life
Water shortage is always the biggest problem encountered by refugees.
They need clean and safe water immediately.


To avoid tragedy, please lend your assistance

You can establish a temporary latrine for a displaced refugee family to relieve their hygiene situation. 

You can help 12 refugee families get access to safe and drinkable water through the provision of purification sachets. 

You can establish a community water supply system to provide drinking water to multiple refugee families. 

How does “Shop for Refugees” work?

Gifts in “Shop for Refugees” are symbolic items that represent UNHCR’s lifesaving assistance and services all around the world. When you choose to send vital and empowering gifts from an array of options, ranging from food, clean water, shelter, medical to school supplies, the income generated from “Shop for Refugees” will be used to support UNHCR’s works to protect people forced to flee, find solutions to resolve refugee issues and ensure that everyone has the right to seek asylum.