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Every Mid-Autumn Festival, we gather around the table with our families to celebrate the joy of reunion. Nonetheless, have you ever thought in times of reveling in our blissful moment with relatives and friends, many refugees on the other side of the world are suffering from the agony of being separated from their families because of war and persecution?


Every year, we celebrate the joy of the festive season by gifting mooncakes to families and friends. Although we are unable to feel the torment that refugees are going through, we can still bring warmth to refugees’ families with the value of only a box of mooncakes.

This year, are you willing to bring some sweetness to the lives of refugees who are struggling hard to survive?

Stories of refugees

Amer is a Syrian refugee. As he has lived in a war zone, he was especially scared of lliving in a dark environment. Since the power supply of light was limited in the refugee camp, Amer felt anxious at most times. However, after the installation of solar lights in the refugee camps, social gatherings are made easier even after sunset. Amer no longer feels insecure and ultimately returns to his social life.

Wendy, 52, fled from Venezuela to Chile to seek asylum. During cold weather, she could only sleep on the ground, with her family huddled in their only blanket to keep them warm.

Sameer is a 55-year-old displaced person from Yemen. Since the conflict in Yemen broke out, Sameer and his family, who did not bring anything with them when fleeing, had no choice but to sleep in a broken tent.