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We work in 138 countries. Staff include drivers, supply officers and protection workers.

Switzerland. Melissa Fleming's podcast interview with Sajjad Malik.

Awake at Night - A podcast with Melissa Fleming

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Joan Opio, Senior IT Assistant, UNHCR Sub Office Arua, Uganda

'I work with pride in ICT… we need stable internet services to serve our Persons of Concern better.'

Meet Joan Opio, Senior IT Assistant in UNHCR Sub Office Arua, Uganda.

Our interns said

Chrissy Sandwen, Intern, Community-Based Protection:

"The best part about interning at UNHCR has been working as a part of the Community-Based Protection team. They are all such incredibly kind, driven, and intelligent people. Being able to contribute to ensuring that the voices and capacities of refugees, IDPS, and stateless people are incorporated into all facets of protection work has been exceptionally rewarding. My internship has given me the passion and skills to continue this work in the next phase of my career."

UNHCR Junior Professional Officers said

Suprity Timilsina, Associate Protection Officer in Nairobi, Kenya:

"There is no doubt that I have grown professionally in the last three years with UNHCR and shall continue to work with the same spirit in the days to come. I feel more professional, ready to learn more and to continue to grow. The JPO programme is an excellent entry point for any newcomer to learn and to determine their future goal."

Our UN Volunteers said

Deoulemgoto Ndouba, UN volunteer for UNHCR, in Gao, Mali:

"I'm very pleased with my assignment with UNHCR as a volunteer in Gao. It has allowed me to benefit from the experience of peacebuilding through the project. It is a rewarding experience – both professionally and personally."