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Southern Chad operation: Update on Central African relocation

Briefing notes

Southern Chad operation: Update on Central African relocation

22 July 2005 Also available in:

Just to update you on UNHCR's relocation operation for 10,000 Central African Republic (CAR) refugees in southern Chad, as of yesterday we've moved 2,200 people (614 families) away from the border to Amboko camp where we can better provide protection and assistance. The operation began on July 13 and we're hurrying as fast as we can to get them to Amboko, near the southern Chad town of Goré, before the seasonal rains cut them off from help along the border. The rains are already slowing the operation, with convoys increasingly having to cross rain-swollen wadis (dry riverbeds). However, we have been able to move people every day since the beginning of the operation and we hope to finalize the movements within the next two to three weeks.

Chadian authorities and local officials agreed last week for the expansion of Amboko camp, which already has some 13,000 CAR refugees, so we can accommodate the up to 10,000 new arrivals. Our teams continue to clear the land for additional tents for the CAR refugees. So far, we have managed to move all of the refugees who were staying in Betel village, at the border, and are now concentrating on Matiti and Bekandja villages.

The refugees fled northern CAR in early June amid clashes between rebel groups and government forces.