Climb Mountains for a Cause

Together with our partner Trail Adventours, we aim to hike 7,000 Kilometers to reach the global total for UNHCR’s 2 Billion Kilometers to Safety campaign. We invite you to join us as we stand in solidarity for refugees through our benefit hikes in the coming months. Read on to find out more.

At 560m above sea level, Nagpatong Rock is a sight to behold as it stands in the middle of Tanay, Rizal. With its bamboo ladders and steep walls, Nagpatong Rock is nested in the depths of the Masungki mountains and is considered to be of moderate difficulty.

Last April 27, our Goodwill Ambassador Atom Araullo joined us for a challenging hike up this picturesque mountain. This kick-started a series of hikes hosted by UNHCR Philippines and its partner, Trail Adventours, as the Filipinos’ contribution to the 2 Billion Kilometers to Safety Campaign in support of refugees worldwide.

Staff of UNHCR Philippines, Trail Adventours and media partners at the peak of the famous Nagpatong rock.

What is 2 Billion Kilometers to Safety?

Families forced to flee make extraordinary efforts and cross impossible boundaries just to survive. They travel a collective distance of 2 Billion Kilometers every year. Together, we are challenging ourselves to also reach 2 Billion Kilometers by walking, running, or even hiking to honor the resilience of these refugees. This movement is our way of standing in solidarity with them, and to raise awareness of what they really go through.

UNHCR Philippines partnered with Trail Adventours to host a series of hikes in line with this campaign. During our hike up the Nagpatong rock, we contributed 150 kilometers to the global total, and as Mr. Araullo said in his video diary, it was “technically stepping with refugees”.

Our Goodwill Ambassador Atom Araullo climbing a bamboo ladder on Nagpatong Rock.

The Hikes

Last May 19, we finished another hike up Mt. Pamitinan in Rodriguez, Rizal. Our very supportive hikes accomplished 62 kilometers in this Difficulty-level 3 mountain. That’s another number to add to the global total!

If you’re interested in joining but you missed out on both, then no worries because we will have a hike with Trail Adventours on the third Sunday of every month. Proceeds of the hikes will go to UNHCR Philippines’ persons of concern in Mindanao and other emergency hot-spots all over the world.

Staff of UNHCR Philippines, Trail Adventours on Mt. Pamitinan last May 19.

If this is your first time to hear about our 2 Billion Kilometers to safety campaign, then you should definitely sign up for it through the hikes we have with Trail Adventours. We aim to contribute 7,000 kilometers or more to the global total, and every step you take adds up to this.

Looking for a fun, active, yet meaningful way to spend your weekend? Sign up for a 2 Billion KM hike here. You can also follow our social media accounts for hike announcements. Join us as we #StepWithRefugees