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Global Displacement

Mindanao Displacement

In September 2018, the Protection Cluster monitored and reported eight (8) displacement incidents, which displaced a total of 4,843 families (approximately 23,895 persons) in Mindanao. Of these, at least 3,441 families (approximately 16,885 persons) were displaced due to armed conflict and 452 families (approximately 2,260 persons) were displaced due to clan feud while another 950 families (approximately 4,750 persons) were displaced due to natural disasters.

More info on the Protection Cluster Philippines website.

How we gather our data

Full-time statisticians in UNHCR’s Field Information and Coordination Section track the number of people forced to flee so that when a major displacement crisis erupts, we are able to predict how many people need helphow much help they need and how many staff we must deploy.

These figures are released every year in our Global Trends and Global Appeal reports.

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Staff figures

Our workforce is the backbone of UNHCR. As of 30 November 2018, we employ 16,765 people, of whom around nearly 90 per cent are based in the field.

We work in 138 countries, with personnel based in a mixture of regional and branch offices and sub and field offices. Our teams work hard to help the displaced, specializing in a wide range of disciplines, including legal protection, administration, community services, public affairs and health.