Protection Cluster

Key Protection Issues and Challenges

Forced displacement: It is estimated that as of the end of 2017, more than 419,200 persons were displaced in Mindanao. Displacement is caused by a number of reasons and agents. It is recurrent, often takes place in remote areas, and can often have strong political implications (especially family/clan feuds).

Lack of information: The lack of evidence based data across the island has made a large number of at-risk and displaced communities ‘invisible’.

Gaps in humanitarian support: There is a limited presence of protection agencies/activities outside of GPH-MILF Conflict Affected Areas. There is difficulty in accessing State services, including social welfare programmes, especially in fragile remote communities.

Lack of civil documentation: 5-10 million people in Mindanao do not have birth certificates. They are at risk of becoming stateless over generations and they cannot access basic services even if displaced.

Children: Abuse, exploitation, and trafficking exists. Grave Child Rights Violations in situations of armed conflict, including recruitment and use of children and attacks on schools and hospitals, have also occurred.

Land, property and housing issues: Issues related to land ownership and control over the use of resources are common; Family feuds (ridos) are often based on land issues.