Private Partnerships and Philanthropy

Make your corporate giving more meaningful with UNHCR Philippines

With 82.4 million people forcibly displaced worldwide, UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, enjoins the private sector’s involvement in the areas of emergency response, education, livelihoods, arrangements for burden and responsibility-sharing, and provision for durable, innovative, and creative models to provide enabling conditions for refugees to realize their economic potential and make meaningful contributions to their host communities.


Support from private partners injects new and vital energy into finding responses to refugee needs.

UNHCR endeavours to partner with corporations, foundations, and philanthropists to address the needs of the most vulnerable forcibly displaced populations in the Philippines and around the world. With a multi-sector approach, we can work together and restore the hopes of refugees, stateless, and internally displaced people – not just so they can survive in the day to day, but so they can thrive and rebuild their lives in dignity and safety.

UNHCR  responds to humanitarian emergencies all around the globe. Regardless of the size, we are prepared to respond within 72 hours of an emergency and provide life-saving assistance to people forced to flee their homes. From Ukraine and Afghanistan to Bangladesh and Syria, we respond to the needs of those displaced, wherever they are – even in some of the world’s most remote areas.


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The Global Compact on Refugees

In December 2018, member states of the United Nations have forged the Global Compact on Refugees, a historic deal to forge a stronger, fairer response to large refugee movements and situations of prolonged displacement.

The Philippines is among the nations that endorsed the compact, a blueprint that calls for greater support for refugees and the countries that welcome them. It also aims to help refugees become more self-reliant so that they can contribute more to their own future and to that of their host communities.

How Donations Are Used

UNHCR’s programs are designed to provide urgent assistance, protection services, and help find lasting solutions for refugees, internally displaced persons, returnees, and stateless persons. Special focus is given to the most vulnerable, especially women, children, older people and those living with disabilities. Visit this page to learn how donations are used.