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What is face-to-face fundraising?

Face-to-face fundraising is one of the most widely used fundraising channels for non-profit organizations that involves inviting individuals to sign up as a monthly donor through fundraising ambassadors located in public areas such as shopping malls and airports.

Fundraisers representing UNHCR will wear a uniform with UNHCR logo and carry an identification badge and supporting document stating personal information. Fundraising toolkits are developed by UNHCR to ensure that all fundraisers represent UNHCR appropriately. Monthly donations can be made by credit card. For security reasons, please note that the fundraisers should not accept donations in cash.

You may visit our booths on: 

March 27-April 2, 2023

Ayala Malls Manila Bay
Ayala North Exchange (March 27-31)
Centris Walk
Mactan-Cebu International Airport
Ninoy Aquino International Airport
SM City Sta. Mesa

UNHCR F2F Fundraisers:

Abdul Bokhari Batua (FPH148)
Aira Mae Descalso (FPH573)
Alexandrei Ong (FPH746)
Alicia Mary Asis (FPH741)
Allain Russel Alarcon (FPH755)
Anamarie Dalis (FPH756)
Andrew Maralit (FPH103)
April Rose Ricacho (FPH742)
Arvin Leal (FPH471)
Camille Elice Maniti (FPH244)
Carl Lyndon Bayos (FPH577)
Catharine Elizabeth Laude (RC014)
Cathlyn Kaye Paglinawan (FPH079)
Celine Veluz (FPH011)
Chloe Lindsay Nicole Pinero (FPH020)
Christian Abad (FPH678)
Christine Jane Medina (FPH162)
Chuckie Floyd Zarate (FPH662)
Cindy Rutaquio (FPH466)
Claudia Marry Albao (FPH604)
Claudine Apsay (FPH318)
Cristen Matthew Hatulan (FPH237)
Dante David Lumanog (FPH053)
Dessa Baroa (FPH024)
Earl Fe Solidum (FPH253)
Easthern Joyce Monterola (FPH492)
Edjay Bracero (FPH677)
Elaiza Marie Torno (FPH226)
Elian Magbanua (FPH597)
Ezekiel Francis Matola (FPH667)
Frances Marie Gordola (FPH739)
Fritz Gerard Vasallo (FPH636)
Gabriel Carlos de Guia (FPH268)
Gabriel Emil Leynes (FPH595)
Ghirlie Cabalejo (FPH473)
Gio Carlo de Guia (FPH001)
Glendy Layasan (FPH317)
Harold Salazar (FPH012)
Ida Nelle Ochoa (FPH540)
Jaims Criser Alonzo (FPH201)
James Carlo Patula (FPH567)
Jay-Ar Narvato (FPH515)
Jemaima Abueva (FPH715)
Jerome Moreno (FPH625)
Jessa Lauron (FPH708)
Jhon Luis Urna (FPH765)
Joana Marie Banayo (FPH227)
Joana Patricia Jocson (FPH592)
Joby Marie Tabilas (FPH761)
Joel Toribio (FPH643)
Johanne Eduard Licyayo (FPH484)
John Lawrence Fajardo (FPH483)
John Mark Talagsad (FPH758)
John Michael Flores (FPH316)
John Rico Hila (RC001)
Jonalyn Bacolod (FPH178)
Joseph Legaspi (FPH170)
Joseph Rodriguez (FPH731)
Jovianne Valderama (FPH603)
Julia Patrice Palisoc (FPH688)
Justine Kaye Mambuay (FPH572)
Krisha Ghia De Guzman (FPH458)
Laida Luz Manuebo (FPH762)
Laida Luz Mauebo (FPH762)
Lara Fulcher (FPH306)
Lenville Angelo Saturnino (FPH537)
Leo Velasquez (RC023)
Lester Abonales (FPH171)
Lhoriell Mendoza (FPH502)
Linea Denise Donasco (FPH109)
Lorenzo Miguel Pacquing (FPH460)
Lorie-An Bucad (FPH511)
Louise Therese Baylosis (FPH764)
Ma Editha Gie Baula (FPH697)
Ma. Rozelli Purificacion Pido (FPH312)
Manuel Barba III (FPH294)
Marco Arquiel Dioso (FPH002)
Maria Femia Sotelo (FPH639)
Maria Vianca Monteroso (FPH301)
Mariah Gelaine Alonzo (FPH486)
Mariela Atienza (FPH553)
Mark Joseph Ramayrat (FPH497)
Mechille Mondano (FPH615)
Nicole Santos (FPH759)
Noel Salise Jr. (FPH749)
Nomar Raimond Olivar (FPH250)
Occlarette Pasuquin (FPH709)
Olive Mae Obtinalla (FPH114)
Oscar Tan (FPH225)
Paul Francis de Castro (RC025)
Paul Neonard Vergara (FPH754)
Princess Valeri Returco (FPH258)
Raena Marie Villaflores (FPH722)
Raymart Dimayacyac (FPH673)
Raymart Edequiros (FPH474)
Reian Valerie Cardema (FPH621)
Remus Jaworksi Santos (FPH098)
Ronelyn Aban (FPH047)
Roselyn Cullado (FPH724)
Russel Balboa (FPH587)
Sarah Sofia Santos (FPH701)
Shandy Margarette Andres (FPH328)
Shaneley Anonuevo (FPH313)
Sheida Kaola Idjilani (FPH116)
Smitch Furigay (FPH576)
Steve Dan Ang (FPH656)
Vanessa Jane Delos Santos (RC002)
Ziedell Albert Manguba (FPH456)

Please be guided accordingly of our official contact numbers (outbound calls only):

+63 965 970 5414
+63 965 970 5413
+63 916 216 2894
+63 955 288 8503

For assistance, you may reach our donor care hotline at + 632 8817-2398, Local 2144.