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Alberto Linero

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About Alberto

Alberto Linero is a proud ambassador from Colombia's Caribbean region. He is deeply passionate about life, football, vallenatos (traditional Colombian music), and, most importantly, people. His impressive educational background includes studies in philosophy and theology and a doctorate in education. 

For 25 years, he served as a Catholic priest, a distinguished university professor, and a radio station director. However, a pivotal turn in his life led him to embrace a secular path. His work in media and education since then has earned him widespread recognition in Colombian society as a spiritual guide. 

Today, his journalism work, books, and conferences have made him one of the country's most influential opinion leaders. His initiatives are deeply rooted in his mission to transform lives by promoting empathy, solidarity, and love for one another. 


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Since 2019, Alberto Linero has been a high-profile supporter of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. He has actively championed the rights and protection of refugees, internally displaced persons, and victims of armed conflict in Colombia.

In 2023, he hosted the commemorative event for World Refugee Day and became a passionate spokesperson for the "Hope Away from Home" global campaign. Through this initiative, UNHCR calls for actions and acts of solidarity for those forced to flee. 


As a UNHCR high-profile supporter, Alberto Linero has been actively involved in the "Somos Panas" (We are mates) campaign, a communication strategy launched by UNHCR in 2017 to prevent xenophobia and promote the integration of Venezuelan people in Colombia. 

Alberto Linero is also a recognized influencer on social media and digital platforms. His content, posts, and opinion columns aim to raise awareness about the xenophobia faced by refugee and internally displaced communities. Recently, he joined the challenge launched by UNHCR in Colombia, #MillionsOfReasons.

My reason to believe in integration is that we need each other to be happy.

Alberto Linero

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Millions of Reasons is an initiative that invites people of all ages, genders and backgrounds to share reasons for believing in the integration of those who had to leave their homes and those who have welcomed them in Colombia. Alberto Linero, through his wisdom and experiences, inspires those who have been forced to leave their homes. 


Alberto's work as a high-profile supporter

World Refugee Day
Alberto hosted a commemorative event for World Refugee Day and became a spokesperson for the "Hope Away from Home" global campaign.
Millions of Reasons
Alberto joined the #MillionsOfReasons challenge in Colombia.
'Somos Panas' campaign
Alberto became a high-profile supporter and got involved in the "Somos Panas" campaign to prevent xenophobia and promote the integration of Venezuelan people in Colombia.

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