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Mr. Jamal Abdul Khaleq Abdullah Al-Nouri

Mr. Jamal Abdul Khaleq Abdullah Al-Nouri

Chairman of Sheikh Abdullah Al Nouri Charity Society and head of the relief committee of Kuwait Society for Relief – State of Kuwait
Mr. Jamal Abdul Khaleq Abdullah Al-Nouri

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Mr. Jamal holds a bachelor's degree in industrial engineering and operations research from Syracuse University, USA, earned in 1978. He has been a member of the Directors Board for the Sheikh Abdullah Al Nouri Charity Society since 2007 and has served as the Chairman of the Directors Board from 2014 to the present. He has also been a member of the Directors Board for the Islam Presentation Committee (IPC) from 2010 to the present, as well as for the Kuwaiti Relief Society from 2016 to the present.

Chairman support that led to a contribution to UNHCR

Mr. Jamal Abdul Khaleq Abdullah Al-Nouri is the head of the executive committee of The Kuwait Society for Relief. In February 2020, the society made the decision to sign a grant agreement with UNHCR dedicated to providing cash assistance for refugees and internally displaced persons in Yemen, covering their basic needs. This initiative benefited 4,472 families. Additionally, UNHCR's cash assistance interventions for refugees and internally displaced persons in Iraq, benefited 763 families by addressing their basic needs.

Furthermore, UNHCR Kuwait has been actively involved in several collaborative public fundraising campaigns with the Sheikh Abdullah AlNouri Charity Society since the winter of 2020. These campaigns are dedicated to supporting our interventions in Lebanon and Jordan.

Background of AlNouri Charity

Mr. Jamal has worked in various industries throughout his professional career. However, his primary charitable activities are closely associated with his role as the Chairman of Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Charity Society. Below is a brief overview of the organization and Mr. Jamal's involvement:

The Sheikh Abdullah Al-Nouri Charity Society is a Kuwaiti charitable organization dedicated to the development of underprivileged communities through educational and advocacy programs. They also focus on strengthening connections with supporters and beneficiaries while optimizing the utilization of human and financial resources. The NGO's mission revolves around addressing fundamental needs and fostering educational and professional growth through institutional approaches that aim to establish strong partnerships with supporters. They also emphasize the diligent and transparent development of financial resources.

The society was founded on 2 July, 1981. Since its inception, the charity has been committed to providing various forms of humanitarian aid in support of the United Nations' sustainable development goals. They have carried out projects related to safe water, quality education, healthcare, shelter, and the alleviation of poverty and hunger. The ultimate goal is to enhance and uplift impoverished communities worldwide, with the charity implementing its humanitarian programs in over 30 countries.