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Nikki Mackliff

HPS Nikki Mackliff posing in front of UNHCR/ACNUR sign.

About Nikki

Nikki Mackliff is an Ecuadorian singer and songwriter who has collabrated with UNHCR since mid-2022. She is a young rising star in Ecuador in the region known for her upbeat music in the genre of Latin Pop, and for winning several musical awards, including revelation artist, since the start of her career in 2010. She has also began exploring one of her other passions: acting in theatre and in the first online musical series in Ecuador.

Following a visit to refugees and other displaced people in her hometown Guayaquil, Nikki co-wrote and recorded the song Un Mundo Posible (A possible world in English, available in Spotify and other streaming platforms) launched in August 2022. Since then, she has been a supporter for the refugee cause in Ecuador, the South American country hosting one of the largest refugee populations in the region.

Nikki also participated in events, including in the 2022 World Refugee Day commemoration in Quito where she and UNHCR launched the official video clip performing the song.

“Getting to know a refugee firsthand is one of those experiences that teaches you valuable life lessons. I hope to contribute with my voice and art to shine a light over those who have had to flee to save their lives,” said Nikki during the official launch of the song in Quito. “Dreaming of a world filled with hope is part of human nature. This song invites everyone to build an Ecuador where thriving is at the reach of all, including refugees.”

Nikki has continued to support the refugee cause in Ecuador through her social media, becoming an advocate for their inclusion in the country.