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Solutions and Protection

Executive Committee Meetings

Solutions and Protection
No. 63 (XLI) - 1990

5 October 1990
Executive Committee 41st session. Contained in United Nations General Assembly Document No. 12A (A/45/12/Add.1). Conclusion endorsed by the Executive Committee of the High Commissioner's Programme upon the recommendation of the Sub-Committee of the Whole on International Protection of Refugees.

The Executive Committee decides to:

a) Take note of the establishment of the Working Group on Solutions and Protection;

b) Request that a further meeting of the Working Group be convened as soon as possible after the forty-first session of the Executive Committee;

c) Note that, in principle, the participation in Working Group discussions should not be limited only to Executive Committee Member countries and that this would be decided upon by the Working Group in the light of the demands of its work;

d) Note also that the work of the Working Group was urgent and that results were required, so that a tight work schedule would be desirable, although any decision on more precise scheduling of meetings should be left to the Group itself;

e) Request that a report on the work of the Working Group be made to the forty-second session of the Executive Committee in 1991.