Everyone can make a difference

Every action counts



We mark this World Refugee Day in the midst of dramatic social change.   

A pandemic has tested our strength and highlighted systematic inequalities. It has also connected us in new ways and renewed our motivation to act for equality.

In the time of COVID, we celebrate refugees who are on the frontlines fighting this pandemic, their hosts and the aid workers supporting them. We have seen everyday heroes from all walks of life step up to join the front lines.

No matter who you are or where you come from, pandemic or not; everyone of us can make a difference. Every action counts.

Join us in creating an inclusive world

Join the conversation: attend a virtual World Refugee Day event

Together we are stronger. Give now so we can continue saving lives.

Meet the everyday heroes: refugees who are doing their bit on the pandemic’s front lines.

“We kept the vulnerable safe”

Shadi and his Syrian friends realized that many people in their Swiss town would need support collecting groceries, medicine and connecting with the outside world.

Iraqi refugee medic Lubab al-Quraishi pictured in New Jersey where she has been given a temporary license to pratice medicine. © Courtesy of Lubab Al-Qurashi

“I brought the sick to safety”

Carmen is a doctor and Venezuelan asylum seeker living in Peru. She is now on 24-hour shifts with the ambulance service to reach suspected coronavirus cases and bring them to hospital.

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