Module 1: Demography


The SENS Demography module aims to provide information on the following priority indicators at the household level:

  • Description of the population demographics
  • Age dependency ratio
  • Average household size
  • Percentage of children under-5
  • Non-response rate

The objective should be worded as follows in the survey protocol and report:

  • To determine the demographic profile of the population.
  • To determine the age dependency ratio.


  • Demographic data need to be collected in all SENS surveys conducted in refugee contexts. A standard questionnaire should be used for the collection of demographic data in SENS surveys.
  • Optional questions can be added to the minimum set of demography questions depending on the context. In emergency situations, more data is usually collected.
  • The inclusion of the basic Demography module in the SENS survey will provide key information on the demographic profile of the surveyed population in addition to information to aid in future survey planning.
  • The Demography module provides information that describes the surveyed population to help understand the context, but should be used in conjunction with more detailed Household Vulnerability/Socio-economic Assessments undertaken among the same population. This module is not intended to replace the role of a complete demographic profile used in Household Vulnerability/Socio-economic Assessments.
  • There are standard ways of reporting demographic information results that should be followed in all SENS survey reports produced in refugee situations.
  • This module is intended to inform the SENS survey teams about the common challenges faced while conducting a demographic profile of households and includes standardised guidance and survey tools on the following:
    • Profiling households
    • Standard questionnaire to use
    • Standard procedures to follow for training, data collection, data handling and quality assurance
    • Standard tables and figures to include in all final SENS reports


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