Standardization Test

Here, we provide you with standardised tools for implementing a standardization test using mobile phone technology and analyzing the data using ENA. The tools include a standard form to assist in data collection on a mobile device, a tool to transfer the data extracted from Kobo into the ENA format, which is ready to be copied and pasted into the ENA for analysis, the instruction slides to explain how to use it, and a control sheet to help the enumerator to explain and record the rounds during the standardization test. The webinar video is also available on the training page. 

If you have any question or need help on using the standardization test tool, please contact: [email protected].


ricon_download    Downloads

All Tools – Combined download standardization test materials  fticon_zipfolder

ST Tool 1 – Tutorial – Standardization test webinar slides             

ST Tool 2 – Standardization test survey – global form                           

ST Tool 3 – Standardization test analysis tool – global form             

ST Tool 4 – Standardization test control sheet             

SENS v3 Standardisation test webinar 20 August 2019 for SENS managers                                  fticon_video

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