Module 7: WASH


The SENS WASH survey questions aim to measure the following indicators at household level:

  • Access to a protected/treated drinking water source;
  • Use of an adequate quantity of water;
  • Use of toilets/latrines;
  • Access to soap.

The objective should be worded as follows in the survey protocol and report:

  • To determine the population’s access to, and use of, water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.
  • To determine the population’s access to soap.

The specific objectives of the SENS WASH survey are to determine:

  1. The proportion of households collecting drinking water from protected/treated sources.
  2. The proportion of households with at least 10 litres/person potable water storage capacity.
  3. The average # L/p/d of domestic water collected at household level.
  4. The proportion of households reporting defecating in a toilet.
  5. The proportion of households with access to soap.


  • The inclusion of the basic WASH module in the SENS survey will provide key information for planning interventions to address public health concerns and to ensure that basic rights are upheld.
  • Poor water, sanitation and hygiene have serious consequences for the health and nutrition status of persons of concern to UNHCR.
  • The SENS WASH module provides only a few of the core indicators for monitoring WASH programmes at the household level and should be used in conjunction with the standard UNHCR WASH KAP undertaken by WASH specialists.
  • All of the questions for the household SENS survey are taken from the UNHCR WASH KAP to harmonise the surveys undertaken in refugee operations.
  • On the standardised SENS WASH questionnaire, the questions on water source and sanitation facilities offer a detailed choice of technologies to choose from but it is only necessary to list the options
    applicable for the specific context that is being assessed (the wording of the actual questions should not be changed).


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