MDC Tools

Here, we provide you with standardised tools for implementing a SENS using mobile phone technology. The tools describe the various steps from setting up the system to data extraction and the daily use of mobile phones. They also include standard forms to assist in data collection, as well as tips and tricks for the various survey staff.

If you wish to implement a SENS using mobile technology, please contact: [email protected].

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All MDC Tools – Combined Download MDC Tools 01-12                                                                          fticon_zipfolder

MDC Tool 1 – Tutorial – Launching and Using the Server                            fticon_msword fticon_pdf

MDC Tool 2 – Tutorial – Exporting Data for Analysis                                     fticon_msword

MDC Tool 3 – IT Tutorial – Installing a New Server                                         fticon_msword

MDC Tool 4 – Daily Use and Logistics                                                                     fticon_msword fticon_pdf

MDC Tool 5 – MDC Training for Enumerators                                                                       fticon_mspowerpoint

MDC Tool 6 – To Print – Phone Handover                                                            fticon_msword fticon_pdf

MDC Tool 7 – To Print – Phone Daily Inventory                                                 fticon_pdf

MDC Tool 8 – Using GPS Coordinates in SENS surveys                             fticon_msword  

MDC Tool 9 – MDC Training for Survey Managers                                    fticon_mspowerpoint

MDC Tool 10 – Tutorial – How to set up the phone for SENS surveys   fticon_msword  

MDC Tool 11 – Tutorial – Connecting Mobile Device to Raspberry Pi Aggregate Server             fticon_msword  

MDC Tool 12 – Tutorial – How to add Images to questions in your SENS survey            fticon_msword  

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