Transfer of Data

Data is transferred from the smartphones through the wireless router to the server where data from all questionnaires are saved. At the end of each day, all data should be downloaded from the server and saved on the computer as well. Use of the router and computer should be solely dedicated to the survey in order to prevent accidental loss of data.

By transferring data through the router, information from multiple phones can be transferred at the same time and the process is quick. As an alternative to the router, a cord can be used to connect each phone to the computer for transferring the data. This is, however, more time-consuming and not recommended.

When downloading data from the server, the files are automatically saved in csv format, a format which you can open in Excel once they are saved on the survey computer – and should then be saved in Excel format as well. The Excel files should also be copied and saved on a second computer, external hard drive or usb stick as back-up. Saving completed questionnaires in Excel format make them compatible for analysing the data in both ENA for SMART and Epi Info software. Each data file should be named following the naming convention outlined in the SENS guidelines.


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MDC Tool 2 – Tutorial – Exporting Data for Analysis                 fticon_msword fticon_pdf

SENS Mobile Technology – Download Data from the Server               fticon_video

SENS  Mobile Technology – Daily Synchronization of Records in the Evening                                                                                                      fticon_video

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