World must not turn away from Rohingya crisis, say UN chiefs

Visiting refugee camps in Bangladesh as monsoon season nears, heads of UN refugee, relief and migration agencies call for sustained support for refugees and host communities.

26 Apr 2019

Former Somali refugee inspires children with illustrated book

Habso Mohamud grew up in a refugee camp in Kenya and has something to say to children around the world: "We are the agents of change."

22 Apr 2019

South Sudanese grow rice, and community ties, in Uganda

A programme to promote rice production is bringing refugee and local farmers together.

18 Apr 2019

The chef and the footballer: Father and son find hope in Bosnia

Refugees like Majid and Muhammed are realizing their dreams in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

17 Apr 2019

A year into sociopolitical crisis, thousands of Nicaraguans continue to flee

Since the government suppressed street protests last April, thousands have sought safety in neighbouring Costa Rica, where meeting basic needs remains a challenge.

16 Apr 2019

Rohingya refugee and Bangladeshi women weave a brighter future

A skills programme promotes self-reliance and aims to transform the lives of rural women in south-eastern Bangladesh.

16 Apr 2019

Venezuelans living in the streets find safety at new reception centre in Colombia

Darlys and her children were among the thousands of Venezuelans exposed to serious risks in Maicao. A new reception centre offers temporary housing for the most vulnerable.

15 Apr 2019

'I stopped by your house in Syria today, but no one was home'

After nearly eight years of war, I paid a visit to the house where my friend Hani Al Moulia grew up. Like vast parts of his hometown, it was in a state of ruin. That night, I wrote Hani a letter:

11 Apr 2019

UN Refugee Chief urges Security Council for firm response to record-high displacement

Filippo Grandi stressed that it is possible to address unprecedented stigmatization of refugees and migrants.

9 Apr 2019