Award-winning technologist inspires girls to learn coding

Mariéme Jamme, who received no education until she was 16, is now a technology entrepreneur with a mission to train young women.

12 Aug 2018

New support for refugees also helps hosts -- World Bank official

The World Bank has stepped up its involvement in the response to refugee movements.

10 Aug 2018

Hunger, despair drive indigenous groups to leave Venezuela

With medicine and food scarce at home, indigenous Warao and Wayúu peoples are abandoning their lands to seek refuge in Brazil and Colombia.

7 Aug 2018

Colombian LGBTI couple flees threats to find welcome in Switzerland

Forced to flee their home at a moment's notice, Daniela and Sofia are now free to love.

2 Aug 2018

Refugee with learning difficulties finds feet in inline skating

Once bullied, refugee is welcomed in community where all – with and without disabilities – live and train together.

31 Jul 2018

Honduran teachers unite to save education system

Faced with budget shortfalls and street gang violence, educators in Honduras are seeking greater protection and support – with UNHCR's backing.

30 Jul 2018

Trio helps fellow newcomers from Middle East cope with life in Vienna

Three refugees from Syria have set up a self-help network that organizes language classes and a summer school for children.

27 Jul 2018

Early marriage looks like our only option, say displaced Congolese teens

Extreme poverty among the displaced, who are not getting enough humanitarian aid due to funding gaps, is forcing some parents to marry off their children.

26 Jul 2018

Syrian teen in Germany reunites with family after years apart

Terrified that he would be recruited into the army, Numeir fled his home in Syria when he was just 15 years old.

26 Jul 2018