Afghan teen aspires to help her country heal

Forty years of conflict have trapped millions of Afghans in exile, but Nadia yearns to go home – when peace returns, and once she has the medical skills to care for her people.

15 Feb 2020

Refugees and communities bank on a brighter future in Pakistan

The need for greater solidarity with Afghan refugees and their hosts is to be discussed at two-day conference in Pakistan this month.

12 Feb 2020

Hope and anxiety as Congolese refugees return home from Angola

UNHCR is supporting thousands of displaced Congolese to return from exile as relative calm returns to their homeland.

6 Feb 2020

UN refugee chief decries 'unheard of violence' in Burkina Faso

During visit with internally displaced Burkinabés. Filippo Grandi calls for urgent support for the Sahel.

5 Feb 2020

Syrian mother overcomes tragedy to get fresh start in UK

After losing her husband, brother and – ultimately – her father to the conflict in Syria, Asmaa began a law degree in Jordan before getting a chance at a new life in the UK.

5 Feb 2020

Refugees and hosts work together to build a safe home in Niger

As violence and displacement escalate, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi visits a new housing project meant to foster relations between communities.

31 Jan 2020

The challenge of helping child refugees in Libya overcome trauma

With refugee and migrant children in Libya in desperate need of psychological support, UNHCR is doing what it can to help despite a volatile situation.

28 Jan 2020

Suicides on the rise among South Sudanese refugees in Uganda

Mental health initiatives offer space for refugees and people where they live to overcome pain and isolation – and prevent more deaths.

24 Jan 2020

Abducted mum finally finds safety in Finland, but yearns to see children again

"I can't remember when life was last as good as this," says Nakout. After years of abuse, she now dreams of reuniting with children who thought she was dead.

22 Jan 2020