UNHCR works with refugees from different nationalities every day to give them a chance to show their talents, express their aspirations, tell their own stories, and meet with new people.

COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign

This social media campaign is a joint collaboration between the Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP), UNICEF, WHO, and UNHCR to tackle COVID-19 vaccine reluctance among Egyptians and refugees. Worth noting, refugees can receive the vaccine free of charge from public health institutions using their UNHCR card. 

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More than Just a Refugee l Mesh Mograd Lage2

More than Just a Refugee is a five-episode-campaign featuring your favorite celebrities, football players and social media stars as they spend a day with different refugees from all walks of life in Egypt. They played football together, worked on beading bracelets, drew some doddles, and sang with factory workers.

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More than Just a Meal l Mesh Mograd Akla

A delicious culinary experience of a six-episode cooking show that featured refugees preparing traditional dishes with celebrities. As the dish cooks to life, a conversation is being sparked between the refugee and the celebrity about their dreams, traditions, and most importantly the ingredients of the recipe.

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UNHCR collaborated with UNICEF under the PROSPECTS partnership on a social media campaign to promote the positive outcomes of social inclusion between all children living in Egypt and their families.

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World Water Day 2019

UNHCR partnered with Very Nile to have refugees from five nationalities work alongside locals to help remove tonnes of plastic waste from Cairo’s shores while building links to the local community.

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