Refugees and Film

In the past years, UNHCR cooperated with the director Marco Orsini to produce a documentary shedding light on the dangerous refugees face on their journeys. UNHCR has also supported the Egyptian director Ali El-Araby in the Captains of Zataari documentary that discusses refugee aspirations and future.

Beyond the Raging Sea

Beyond the Raging Sea documentary tells the harrowing story of two UNHCR high-profile supporters and Egyptian adventurers, Omar Samra and Omar Nour (Team O2) as they take on the world’s toughest row across the Atlantic.

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Captains of Zataari

Captains of Zaatari documentary by the Egyptian director Ali Al-Araby follows the thrilling experience of two young refugee men from Zaatari camp in Jordan who dreamt of becoming professional football players.

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Telling the Real Story

The Telling the Real Story platform by UNHCR provides a collection of authentic stories, told by the refugees and asylum seekers themselves to communicate about the dangers of onward irregular movement.

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