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Headquarters Contracts Committee

At Headquarters, the Committee on Contracts shall, in respect of all contracts negotiated and/or proposed for award by UNHCR in relation to the purchase, rental or sale of goods and services, review and advise the Chairperson on:

  • all contracts to be entered into with one single vendor that are equal to or greater than US$ 150,000 unless delegated to a Regional Committee on Contracts;
  • a notification of all contracts entered into with one single vendor within the previous period of 12 months which, in total, amount to US$ 200,000 or more excluding, however, contracts that have been the subject of the Committee's previous approval;
  • all contracts, or series of related contracts, which involve income to UNHCR of US$ 150,000 or more and any contracts relating to activities where the estimated income there from within any 12 month period, when aggregated with the estimated income from any other contract or contracts already made with the same party in the same 12 month period, amounts to US$ 150,000 or more;
  • proposals for amendments of contracts, as specified under Amendments to Contracts;
  • proposals for the delegation of procurement of US$ 100,000 and above to IPs where there is no competent Local or Regional Committee on Contracts that can deal with the matter;
  • proposals for the authorization of a waiver of competitive bidding for contracts valued at US$ 150,000 and above;
  • review of contracting policy of UNHCR; and such other matters as may be referred to, and accepted by, the Committee.