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NARE Analytical Framework

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The NARE (Needs Assessment for Refugee Emergencies) Analytical Framework enables analysis that can provide a holistic picture of the situation of refugees in emergency contexts, and inform evidence-based decision making for humanitarian response. The NARE framework can be adapted to the specific context and information needs of each operation, by selecting the most relevant data elements and questions from the framework, and customizing them according to the local situation.

The NARE checklist is a document file that contains the questions from the Analytical Framework spreadsheet file. The checklist is a copy of this information, but in a document format and organized by sector. This is useful if the NARE questions need to be printed or shared in another format, such as in a NARE planning meeting.

The NARE Guidance Note provides information for colleagues on how to conduct the NARE, including the use of accompanying NARE tools.

Additional NARE resources include the NARE data collection & review template and the NARE Report Template.