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Methodology template

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This template provides a structure for describing the methodology of the assessment exercise. The Methodology Document presents all the components of the methodological approach, starting with the main objective and then laying out the building blocks of the methodology such as specific objectives, target populations, geographic coverage, units of analysis and measurement, sources of existing information, topics to cover in the data collection and methods used to collect the data.

The Methodology Document has three basic functions:

  1. To document the methodological approach of the exercise including any limitations of the approach.
  2. To establish agreement on technical decisions, such as target populations, sampling, methods, or sources of information for baseline information. 
  3. To guide the next steps in the assessment process, such as the secondary data review, the identification of gaps, and if needed, the primary data collection process.

The Methodology Document is a working document, which will not be finalized until the assessment exercise has been completed. The Methodology Document is intended primarily for the implementation of the assessment exercise, as it contains technical decisions, but content should be summarized in the final assessment report.

The Methodology Document must be developed alongside the Data Analysis Plan, that is included as an annex.

A video explaining the difference between the assessment concept note and methodology outline can be found here.