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Results Monitoring Surveys

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UNHCR’s Results Monitoring Surveys (RMS) facilitate and harmonise monitoring of household survey-based impact and outcome level indicators from the Global Results Framework.

The RMS support COMPASS, UNHCR’s results-based management approach, and are an important contribution to the Data Transformation Strategy

While the RMS do not directly monitor progress of UNHCR and funded partners’ interventions, they help us tell the bigger story by providing insights on how the lives of forcibly displaced and stateless people are changing.

Any operation that needs to collect survey-based data on any population group for their multi-year strategies’ results frameworks can run the RMS.

Operations can implement RMS either as a stand-alone survey or by integrating relevant questions from the RMS standard questionnaire into other types of (joint) data collection exercises.

UNHCR colleagues will find detailed step-by-step advice as well as the complete package of tools and templates for planning, designing and implementing Results Monitoring Surveys in the RMS design and implementation management guidance.

The following RMS materials, which are particularly relevant for UNHCR’s survey partners, are also hosted on the resource centre:

UNHCR colleagues can access the RMS intranet page to find additional resources and learn more about the RMS.