Refugee children are no difference from other children, who hope to have a care-free life, and a healthy body to achieve their dreams when they grow up. Nonetheless, reality always goes against our expectations — countless refugee children are overstretched in the course of fleeing, lacking adequate food to quench their hunger. Though arriving at the refugee camp safely, many of them become fatigued, emaciated and malnourished. Some are even on the brink of death. 

The repercussion of acute malnutrition is far-reaching — not only will it stunt the normal growth of refugee children, but also their intellectual, social and emotional development. Ultimately, refugee children may feel difficult to learn and participate in their community in the future.  





Raihanatou is a three-year-old refugee child with only 6.7 kilograms after fleeing to a bush with her mother and three siblings. During the escape, they can only rely on leaves and roots as their food, causing Raihanatou to suffer from diarrhoea and vomiting. 

Your support can change refugee children’s lives: 

Three Packs of Life-Saving Therapeutic Food for a Week  

Life-saving food that treats severe acute malnutrition can save children from hospitalization. Plumpy’Nut® is a therapeutic, peanut-based food that saves children’s lives. 

For parents fleeing their home with an infant to care for, the scarcity of food and clean water adds enormous risk to their lives. 

This gift gives 10 children three packages of Plumpy’Nut® a day for a week for HK$1,700 which can bring them back to a healthy body.  

Four Sets of Seeds and Farming Tools

Give a gift that pays to feed and support families long into the future. Give refugee families their own seeds and essential farming tools to grow their own food. 

For families who have fled their homes, access to food is critical and often difficult. For HK$3,000, you can provide six families with the means to both grow their own food to feed themselves and their children, and generate a small income.  

10 Sets of Home Restarter Kits 

For families who have lost everything, basic household items can allow them to start to rebuild their lives, as well as providing a sense of security. 

These 10 sets of home restarter kits for HK$5,500 can provide a stove, pots and cutlery, giving a family not only the necessities to cook a meal, but also a feeling of normalcy.

Learn more about refugee children: 

Shafool Abdullah, displaced by conflict, is living with his family on the street. Suffering from malnutrition and diabetes, Shafool is struggling to survive.  

Fatima is a refugee girl from Somalia. Since Fatima’s family cannot afford buying enough food, they can only have one meal per day at most times, putting Fatima into the predicament of malnutrition.

The family of Farah Ahmad Lehmoud, a refugee girl from Syria, is too poor to afford more food. Eating only bread with olive oil and za’atar, Farah is diagnosed with having growth hormone deficit which makes her grow slower than her peers. 

Unable to determine their birthplace, refugee children have no choice but to grow up in an abominable environment.   


Good health is a fundamental condition for maintaining a good life. 

You can give 10 children three packages of Plumpy’Nut® a day for a week. 

You can provide six families with the means to both grow their own food to feed themselves and their children, and generate a small income. 

You can provide a stove, pots and cutlery to 10 refugee families.


How does “Shop for Refugees” work?

Gifts in “Shop for Refugees” are symbolic items that represent UNHCR’s lifesaving assistance and services all around the world. When you choose to send vital and empowering gifts from an array of options, ranging from food, clean water, shelter, medical to school supplies, the income generated from “Shop for Refugees” will be used to support UNHCR’s works to protect people forced to flee, find solutions to resolve refugee issues and ensure that everyone has the right to seek asylum.