Field Office Tehran

FOT’s area of responsibility (AoR) covers sixteen provinces, including but not limited to, Tehran, Alborz, Esfahan, Qom, Semnan, Qazvin, West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan and Kermanshah.  63% of the total population of Afghan and Iraqi refugees in the Government of Islamic of Iran, 539,350 Afghan and 19,000 Iraqi, reside within FOT’s area of responsibility.

There are eight settlements in FOT’s AoR, the settlements located in Semnan and Saveh cities are the largest among them. “Mohajerin” settlement hosts 3,674 Afghan refugees. It has a total area of 30 km² and is located 14km south east of Semnan city; the settlement was initially established in 1985 to accommodate the first wave of refugees into the province. “Shahid Naseri” settlement is situated 25km from Saveh and hosts 4,941 Afghan refugees, living in 753 shelters.

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