Field Unit Esfahan

In April 2017, Field Unit Esfahan was relocated to a new office within the town to enhance refugees’ access to services.

In coordination with key partners, Field Unit Esfahan implements activities in the areas of health, education and livelihoods and also facilitates voluntary returns for Afghan and Iraqi refugees to their country of origin.

Esfahan province has a strong presence in the industrial sector and offers employment opportunities to tens of thousands of workers in Iran, including many Afghans.

UNHCR Field Unit Esfahan is part of the larger Field Office Tehran.

Contact Details:


UNHCR, Field Unit Esfahan

No. 21, Aaref St.,

Jaber Ansari Ave., Kaveh Blvd

Esfahan 81968-53661

Islamic Republic of Iran


Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday 08:30 to 15:30

Email: [email protected] 

Reception Tel: (+9831) 3444 2841 & (+9831) 3441 4201

Office Tel: (+9831) 3442 8177

Fax: (+9831) 3442 8188