Sub-Office Shiraz

UNHCR Sub-Office Shiraz AoR host over 83,920 refugees.

There are six refugee settlements in SOS’s AoR; two settlements in Fars province, two in Khuzestan province, one in Bushehr province and one in Lorestan province.

These settlements host 3,139 refugees (4% of the refugee population in SOS AoR), 87% of whom are Afghan refugees, while the remaining population are mostly Iraqi refugees.

Contact Details:


UNHCR Sub-Office Shiraz

Parvin Etesami Blvd,

Janbazan Blvd, Modares Blvd,

Shiraz 7157718817,

Islamic Republic of Iran


Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday/ 08:30-16:00

Email: [email protected] 

Reception Tel: (+98-71) 372 296 92

Office Tel: (+98-71) 372 296 88-89-91

Fax: (+98-71) 372 296 88 Ext. 292