Bekaa (Zahle)

The UNHCR Zahle Office was first established in May 2012 to respond to the intensifying inflow of Syrian refugees into Lebanon through the Masnaa Border Crossing in the Bekaa – the busiest crossing point between Lebanon and Syria.

The Bekaa spans an area of more than 4,400 square km, nearly 40 per cent of the total area of Lebanon, with a Lebanese population estimated at 1,000,000 residents. The UNHCR Zahle Office covers the entire Bekaa area, which comprises two governorates (Bekaa and Baalbek Hermel) that contain five districts, 166 municipalities and 14 unions of municipalities.

As of 31 August 2020, the total number of registered Syrian refugees in the Bekaa stood at 339,473 individuals. The Bekaa hosts the largest number of registered refugees in the country at 38.6% of the total.

The UNHCR Zahle Office works with over 50 operational partners and has agreements with 12 partners that implement projects. It also has a network of 325 refugee volunteers who work daily to assist Bekaa’s refugee families.



UNHCR Bekaa Sub-Office
UNHCR building,
Baalbek Highway
Zahle, Lebanon