Inter-agency coordination

The 2024 Lebanon Response Plan is a two-year humanitarian-stabilization framework (2024-2025), with annual planning, aiming to achieve the following strategic objectives: provide immediate assistance to vulnerable populations to ensure critical needs are met; ensure protection of vulnerable populations; support service provision through national systems including national rapid response capacity; and reinforce Lebanon’s economic, social and environmental stability. The LRP addresses the needs of vulnerable people across populations including Lebanese, displaced Syrians, Palestinian Refugees from Syria (PRS), Palestine Refugees in Lebanon (PRL), and migrants. It also includes interventions targeting internally displaced households due to the escalation of hostilities in South Lebanon.

Through regular coordination meetings and various information management tools, UNHCR and partner agencies work to maximize efficiency and minimize duplication in the delivery of humanitarian programmes throughout Lebanon, including protection (including child protection and GBV); shelter; basic assistance; social stability; livelihoods; WaSH, education; health; and food security.