North (Tripoli and Qobayat)

At the onset of the Syrian emergency, refugees fled Syria through Lebanon’s northern borders, settling first in Akkar, where relief efforts were initially focused.

Many refugees continued south to arrive in the North Governorate dispersing to its capital Tripoli and its five adjacent districts Batroun, Bcharre, Koura, Minnieh – Dennieh and Zgharta – commonly referred to as T5.

As of 31 December 2022, there are 226,508 registered Syrian refugees, 124,008 of them reside in T5 while the remaining 102,500 refugees reside in the Akkar Governorate. The majority of refugees live in very challenging urban and semi-urban contexts with a fewer percentage residing in informal settlements.

The UNHCR Sub-Office in Tripoli and the Field Office in Qobayat work with more than 50 operational partners across different sectors, and have agreements with eight partners through which projects and programs are implemented. UNHCR in Northern Lebanon has a network of around 295 outreach volunteers, some of whom are specialized in public health, community health, education, and child protection.



UNHCR North Lebanon Sub-Office

Rachid Karami International Fair,

Tripoli, Lebanon


UNHCR Qobayat Field Office

Johny Abdo Building

Qobayat, Lebanon