Communications with Communities – How to Reach Us


UNHCR and partners are working to ensure that Persons of Concern not only have the right to participate in making decisions that affect their lives, but also receive the information they need to be protected and have access to life-saving services and support.

Along these lines, Communications with Communities is defined as a reciprocal flow of information between humanitarian actors and PoC, which is also referred to as ‘two-way communication’.

UNHCR Lebanon has developed a series of communication pathways to ease accessibility for refugees on receiving information pertaining to their needs.

UNHCR Refugee Website

UNHCR’s refugee catered webpage provides information on all humanitarian aid services to persons in Lebanon, registered Syrian refugees, non-registered Syrian refugees, refugees, and asylum seekers from countries other than Syria, Lebanese host communities, Lebanese returnees, and Palestinian refugees from Syria. For more information you can visit



Multi-thematic informative videos can be found on UNHCR Refugees Lebanon page. 

National Call Centre

The call centre is an accessible and well identified open line of communication with the community. The call centre provides individualized information related to targeted assistance, winterization, back to school, resettlement, civil registration, renewal of residency, protection related concerns etc.

In addition, the call centre provides the ability of refugees to directly update their contact details with UNHCR, which is critical given it is the main mean of communication with individuals.

The call centre is operational from Mondays to Friday from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm on 01903014.