UNHCR Lebanon currently has 28 partners: 15 national NGOs, 9 international NGOs, three United Nations agencies.

All partners were selected in line with UNHCR’s policy on the selection and retention of partners for Project Partnership Agreements (PPAs), to ensure that UNHCR identifies the best-fit partners for project implementation in a given operation, in order to provide quality protection and assistance to refugees and other persons of concern. UNHCR offices, through a multi-functional team approach, undertake adequate due diligence and conduct the process of selection/retention of partners in an objective, consistent, transparent and timely manner.

In line with UNHCR’s Enhanced Framework for Implementing with Partners, UNHCR launched a “Partner Portal” in 2016. The Partner Portal is a web-based, innovative and interactive tool for enhanced communication between UNHCR and partners on project partnerships. All partners or prospective partners of UNHCR are requested to register through the Partner Portal in order to get updates on UNHCR’s policy, procedures and guidance relating to partner implementation, to inform UNHCR about their organizations, to participate in calls for expression of interest for projects, and/or to enter into partnerships with UNHCR. Further details on the Partner Portal can be found at

UNHCR’s partners work in different locations, covering Beirut, Mount Lebanon, Bekaa, South and North. They cover different sectors, such as Protection, Child protection, SGBV, Health, Education, Basic assistance, Energy and water, Livelihoods, WASH, Social stability, and Shelter.


Overview of 2022 partners