The 2019 Global Refugee Forum was the first key milestone in the process of implementing the Global Compact on Refugees and transforming the way in which the international community responds to forced displacement. In the lead-up to the next Forum, which will take place four years from now, it will be crucial to focus on driving tangible progress, closely follow plans and strategies and ensure that all the groundbreaking commitments made at the 2019 Forum are being translated into concrete actions and outcomes. 

UNHCR will convene a series of informal briefings in Geneva, providing an opportunity to discuss various aspects of the follow-up to the Global Refugee Forum. States and other stakeholders are encouraged to convene consultations at the regional or national level to discuss the follow-up to the contributions made at the Forum, and share good practices.

Virtual consultation on the 2021 High-Level Officials Meeting and proposed orientations for the GCR indicator report

Informal Briefing in New York

02 July 2020

Second informal briefing

11 June 2020

For information on the previous Global Refugee Forum including a list of related preparatory meetings, documents and videos, visit the 2019 Global Refugee Forum page