Internship opportunity at UNHCR Serbia:

The UNHCR Representation in North Macedonia is looking to solicit proposals from interested service providers with relevant expertise in public sector innovation, foresight and strategic design to advise on and support the process of institutionalizing participatory, innovative and forward-looking planning and policy development across national institutions and all actors of society in North Macedonia. This activity is funded by the Migration Multi-Partner Trust Fund.


For all information relevant to this application, please visit this link:



UNHCR Serbia Call for applications: General Service Group 2 status

Dear Colleagues,

Following the release of the UNHCR/AI/2020/1 Administrative Instruction on Recruitment and Assignment of Locally Recruited Staff (RALS) and its entry into force as of 1 May 2020,  we are pleased to announce an open call for applications for UNHCR Group 2 candidates, for General Service positions in the UNHCR Representation in Serbia.   

The candidates who meet the criteria will be given access to apply to internally advertised General Service positions in UNHCR Serbia.

What is Group 2?

Group 2 is a pool of candidates consisting of applicants who fall under one or more of the categories below, with one year of continuous or cumulative service in UNHCR/UN[1] in Serbia:

  • Current[2] locally recruited UNHCR staff members holding a Temporary Appointment
  • Former locally recruited UNHCR staff members who held an indefinite or fixed-term appointment (within 2 years of separation for males and 5 years for females).
  • National United Nations Volunteers currently working for UNHCR.
  • National UNOPS and Individual Contractors currently working for UNHCR.
  • Current UNHCR General Service staff members holding an indefinite or fixed-term appointment applying to a position two grades above the staff member’s current grade.
  • Current UNHCR staff members in the International Professional category holding an indefinite or fixed-term appointment.
  • Current UNHCR National Professional Officers holding an indefinite or fixed-term appointment.
  • Current locally recruited female staff members from other UN system organizations holding the equivalent of an indefinite or fixed-term appointment.

Group 2 status is valid for three years, during which candidates will be given access to apply for internal GS vacancies advertised at UNHCR’s Representation in Serbia.

How to apply for Group 2 status:

Interested candidates should submit an email to mailbox [email protected]

Please include “Application for Group 2 status – UNHCR Representation in Serbia” in the subject of your email.

Following review of your tenure with UNHCR, you will be notified by email once Group 2 status is confirmed.

What are the other Groups?

Candidates for vacancy announcements in the GS category are divided into Group 1Group 2 and external candidates.

Group 1 consists of current GS staff members in UNHCR who hold an indefinite or fixed-term appointment, and are granted priority consideration in the recruitment/assignment process.

Group 2 are candidates mentioned above.

External candidates are all other candidates who do not fall under Group 1 and Group 2.

We look forward to receiving your candidature!

[1] Cumulative experience can also be a combination of categories. Breaks in service of three months or less do not impact the qualifying period.

[2] Current means at the time of application for the open call.