Capacity building activities

Over the years, UNHCR has paid special attention to targeted training and capacity building of civil servants of the relevant state authorities and civil society organizations. These ranged from organizing trainings in asylum building, improvement of asylum procedures, applicable international standards in the fields of asylum, reception conditions, support in participation of authorities and civil society representatives in relevant international courses and conferences, etc.

Special attention continues to be paid to assisting and sensitization of host communities. In 2018, the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched a project Local initiatives for improved social inclusion of young Roma to influence social inclusion of Roma at the local level with special focus on Roma IDPs. The project continued in 2020 and lasted until end-2022. It included trainings and different activities with young Roma men and women and their engagement to work on United Nations Volunteers (UNV) contracts in institutions at the local level.

A project proposal for the 2019 European Youth Initiative Fund (EYIF) Local Voices for Global Changes proposed by young Roma men and women has been chosen to be part of the winning EYIF 2019 cohort.