Our mission

Building on the 2018 Global Compact on Refugees and the pledges made at the Global Forum on Refugees (GRF) in December 2019, the UN Refugee Agency in the Republic of Serbia continues to support the Government of the Republic of Serbia in:

  1. Strengthening the national asylum system, ensuring quality asylum procedures, promotion of a fair and effective asylum system and advocacy for the rights of refugees and asylum-seekers. Advocacy for improved mixed migration management and establishing effective protection-sensitive border management,

  2. Providing protection to the most vulnerable groups among refugees and asylum-seekers with special focus on unaccompanied children,

  3. Advancing various aspects of inclusion and integration of persons who received international protection in the country,

  4. Strengthening self-reliance of the persons of concern, through economic inclusion and integration into mainstream education,

  5. Support to the authorities to respond to the basic needs and provide the necessary services,

  6. Institutional cooperation to advance inclusion and integration of persons granted international protection in the country,

  7. Addressing the problems of persons at risk of statelessness and preventing reocurrence as well as continuous advocacy for legislative changes,

  8. Implementing durable solutions for the most vulnerable refugees from former SFR Yugoslavia through the Regional Housing Programme,

  9. Finding solutions for the most vulnerable internally displaced persons.