Assisting internally displaced persons

According to the 2018 survey Situation and Needs of IDPs conducted by the Serbian Commissariat for Refugees and Migration and UNHCR, 199,584 internally displaced persons (IDPs) live in Serbia proper. Of them, 68,514 persons still have displacement-related needs. Two decades after their plight, a large number of IDPs find themselves in a protracted displacement situation, unable to achieve durable solutions. UNHCR continues to advocate for a comprehensive durable solutions strategy for IDPs in the Republic of Serbia. In order to contribute to improvement of the situation of the most vulnerable IDPs, UNHCR funds free legal aid and counselling in accessing social and economic rights and personal documents. UNHCR also continues to fund return-related activities.

Among the internally displaced population, Roma IDPs are in by far the most precarious position. The construction of social housing facilities in protected conditions in Bujanovac, which will accommodate internally displaced persons from the only remaining collective center in the country, in Bujanovac, is underway.