Switzerland is host to approximately 130'997 refugees and other persons of concern. The number of new asylum applications was 14'928 in 2021. The main countries of origin in 2021 for spontaneous applications were Afghanistan, Turkey and Algeria.

UNHCR in Switzerland and Liechtenstein monitors the implementation of international standards and engages with its national partners in public advocacy for the rights and well-being of persons of concern. It regularly exchanges with persons of concern. UNHCR is also involved in public information, awareness-raising activities, and the mobilization of support for the organization's global efforts to protect people forced to flee.

UNHCR has no formal role in the national asylum procedures and does, in general, not intervene in separate cases nor provide individual legal representation or counselling.

For information about our work in Switzerland:

Contact Information

The UNHCR Office for Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Street Address:
Weltpoststrasse 4, 3015 Bern, Switzerland, Switzerland

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Weltpoststrasse 4, 3015 Bern, Switzerland, Switzerland

+41 31 309 60 80

[email protected]

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Public Holidays:
03 January 2022, New Year¿s Day
15 April 2022, Good Friday
18 April 2022, Easter Monday
02 May 2022, Eid al-Fitr
06 June 2022, Whit Monday
11 July 2022, Eid al-Adha
01 August 2022, Swiss National Day
08 September 2022, Jeûne genevois
26 December 2022, Christmas Day