Internally Displaced Persons (IDP)

 Following the start of conflict in eastern Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea in 2014, the Government of Ukraine reports some 1.5 million IDPs. Since the onset of the conflict, UNHCR has been working for the protection of IDP’s rights.

UNHCR provides various types of support to internally displaced persons, either directly or through its partner organisations.

Humanitarian assistance may involve providing non-food items such as blankets, kitchen sets, clothing, coal, or other items to conflict-affected persons during their initial displacement or as winter assistance.

Aid during emergency situations may include life-saving assistance, such as temporary shelter or minimum financial assistance. This assistance is provided along the 20 km of the “contact line” in the government controlled areas.

Advocacy reinforced by participatory assessments helps to voice the concerns of forcibly displaced persons with relevant authorities and advocate for the resolution of these concerns through legislative changes and their implementation.

Capacity building of government actors and partner organizations to improve their ability to deliver high quality assistance to IDPs.

UNHCR and its partners work with Ukrainian authorities to provide durable solutions for displaced people that are suitable at both the individual and community level. Such solutions depend on whether people wish to (re-)integrate locally, return home, or move to another location.

UNHCR’s partners provide legal and protection assistance from primary counselling up to court representation on matters related to displaced in Donetska, Luhanska and Kharkivska oblasts.

Support to community groups is available to resolve the concerns of IDPs and communities hosting IDPs. Initiatives proposed by IDPs meeting set criteria can receive support from a committee consisting of partner organizations and UNHCR.

Internally displaced persons can call UNHCR’s IDP hotline: 0-800-307-711. The hotline provides support including:

  • Information about UNHCR’s assistance programs
  • Suggestions and complaints
  • Information on UNHCR partners and their assistance to IDPs

All information is processed confidentially. If you would like a reply to your query or complaint, please leave your contact details.