UNHCR invests in developing solutions for displaced people, ensuring that they have a safe place to call home where they can build a better future. UNHCR also works to make sure that stateless people are granted a nationality and a citizenship.

In Ukraine, UNHCR has been working since 1994 to protect the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and stateless persons. Achievements include support to the development of national legislation relating to the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and stateless persons. UNHCR Ukraine has contributed to an effective asylum system in Ukraine, and also provided humanitarian assistance.

Since 2014, UNHCR has been supporting the Ukrainian government and the Ukrainian civil society in responding to the forced displacement of around 1.6 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) from the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Donbas in eastern Ukraine. UNHCR Ukraine provides legal, material and social assistance to them directly or in partnership with international and local organisations. UNHCR focuses its activities on strengthening IDP rights and freedoms, improving their living conditions and providing long-term solutions.

In 2020, UNHCR observes 25th year of its presence in Ukraine. It is also a 70th anniversary of UNHCR globally.

We work to ensure that everybody has the right to seek asylum and find safe refuge, having fled violence, persecution, war or disaster at home.

UNHCR Brochure “25 years in Ukraine”

  • This is a brochure pegged to three interrelated jubilees related to the UN Refugee Agency – UNHCR, particularly the quarter of a century it has been active in Ukraine. In December 2020, UNHCR marked the 25th anniversary of the formal opening of its office in Ukraine. And this jubilee coincided with the 50th anniversary of the creation of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on 14 December 1950, and the 75th anniversary of the creation of the United Nations in 1945. The brochure employs a chronological narrative, adding thematic boxes, photos and infographics.

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