National Professional Officers

National Professional Officers (NPOs) are locally employed to perform functions, which require national knowledge and experience. NPOs must hold Ukrainian citizenship and have substantial knowledge of local conditions. They may only be assigned to a position within Ukraine.

General Service Staff

General Service (GS) Staff are recruited locally, in the duty station where the vacancy arises. Candidates must be Ukrainian citizens and should meet all established criteria. The work carried out by General Service staff supports the functioning of the Organization and is typically administrative, operational, or technical in nature.

* Please note there is a new procedure in place for application to NPO and GS positions:

All candidates will need to complete the application steps via MSRP (UNHCR software). Candidates who have active MSRP accounts should apply through MSRP self-service, while the rest of candidates will have access to external platform of MSRP, where they will need to create a user account and manually complete the online application, following the provided instructions.

Open call for applications for General service positions – Group 2 candidates

Successfully screened applicants will be given access to apply to internally advertised GS positions with UNHCR Ukraine. Please follow the link to learn who is eligible, and how to express interest.

Affiliate Workforce

The Affiliate Workforce comprises of persons working for UNHCR under different contracts, ie United Nations Volunteers (UNVs), UNOPS Individual Contractor, UNHCR Individual Contractors and Consultants.


UNHCR provides a limited number of internship opportunities for recent graduates and young professionals to acquire experience in the work of the agency. After successful termination of the Internship, interns will be presented with a letter of reference covering the period of the internship and a certificate. Please note that internships at UNHCR Representation in Ukraine are paid.

Apply for international positions at UNHCR here .

Download  Form P11  here

Download  Form P11 Supplementary Sheet here