For many years, refugees and asylum seekers have taken to the Mediterranean Sea to cross into Europe. Many have lost their lives and those who have made it suffer various forms of psychological and physical trauma as a result of atrocities encountered.

There are a number of reasons that compel them to partake in this journey: Many are fleeing persecution, war, and conflict while others are escaping from poverty or deteriorating conditions in their own countries or the countries of first asylum in Africa. Others are lured by false promises made by smugglers, images on social media or just follow the example of their peers.

While they may know that the journey is dangerous, many refugees and asylum seekers do not understand the full extent of risks and suffering that lie ahead of them when they decide to leave. They often have unrealistic expectations about life in Europe and do not understand the intricacies of European asylum legislation.

The purpose of Telling the Real Story  is to empower target audiences (asylum-seekers, refugees and other people on the move) to make informed decisions about their future, their immediate courses of action, and the risks associated with their choices; decisions based on facts rather than on smugglers’ and traffickers’ narrative or misinformation from the diaspora.

The right to seek asylum is a basic human right. So no one who is in need of international protection should be prevented from doing so. The decision to embark on the long and dangerous journey to Europe is life-changing – not only for the traveler but for their entire family. Therefore it should be based on comprehensive information.