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South Sudan and Uganda Refugee Crisis

Updated April 2024

Since December 2013, when South Sudan’s crisis erupted in Juba, about 4 million South Sudanese have been displaced, including 2.26 million having fled to neighbouring countries, while 1.67 million people being internally displaced.

Uganda is the largest South Sudanese refugee hosting country in the world, followed by Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic.

83 percent of South Sudanese refugees are women and children, and 65% are below the age of 18 while 66,000 children are unaccompanied or separated from their parents. In addition to their proneness to sexual and gender-based violence, recent arrivals continue to speak of barbaric violence, with armed groups reportedly burning down houses with civilians inside, and people being killed in front of family members.

With refugees still arriving in their thousands, the amount of aid we are able to deliver is increasingly falling short. UNHCR is appealing for US$1.3 billion to address the life-saving humanitarian needs of South Sudanese refugees in 2020, with the outstanding 94% on hand, finite actions can be undertaken by UNHCR for the ones in need.

Voices of South Sudanese

“I told him to go and leave me. But he would say: 'I CAN’T LEAVE YOU. YES, I’M TIRED, BUT IF WE DIE, WE DIE TOGETHER’,” Muon (18), physically disabled South Sudanese refugee.

When violence broke out in South Sudan, Dak carried his physically disabled brother Muon for 17 days, as they escaped to Ethiopia. Surviving on scant wild fruits and water from dirty rivers, the two were extremely weak, so weak that Dak coughed blood when they arrived at UNHCR’s Tierkidi refugee camp. Slowly recovering under UNHCR’s provision of medical and other vital services, the brothers have been working hard to build a brighter future.


"I SEE MY MOTHER IN MY DREAMS, cleaning the yard of our home, and think of her when I am awake," Pasonta (10), South Sudanese refugee.

10-year-old Pasonta was torn away from her family when she fled South Sudan. With livestock stolen, food becoming scarce and wars intensifying, she was forced to flee with her family but without her mother as she refused to leave. Feeling extremely exhausted on the move, they survived a tough journey to Sudan on foot. The little girl has been missing their mother dearly, longing to see her cousins and go to school. Everyone is waiting for the day of family reunion.

There are thousands of other refugee children like Nadima suffering today because of the refugee crisis. Please support us to provide them with safe shelter. Give them a second chance and a life of dignity.